Resveratrol’s blood pressure benefits may pass from mother to child

University of Alberta and University of Adelaide, May 4, 2022

Hereditary hypertension may not pass the generations if the mother is given resveratrol supplements during pregnancy, suggests a new study with lab rats. Offspring of spontaneously hypertensive rats were found to be protected from elevated blood pressure once they reached adulthood if their mothers had received resveratrol supplementation during pregnancy.

“Maternal perinatal resveratrol supplementation prevented the onset of hypertension in adult offspring and nitric oxide synthase inhibition normalized these blood pressure differences, suggesting improved nitric oxide bioavailability underlies the hemodynamic alterations,” wrote the researchers in the journal Hypertension .

The new study supplemented the diets of spontaneously hypertensive female rats with 0 or 4 g/kg diet of resveratrol from gestational day 0.5 until postnatal day 21. The offspring of these rats were then followed to adulthood.

Results showed that the adult offspring had significantly lower blood pressure than their mothers. Additional tests indicated that the potential blood pressure lowering activity observed in the resveratrol-fed animals was not linked to nitric oxide