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Squalene: The Ideal Wintertime Supplement

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Is the lack of sun and cold weather putting a damper on your mood? Are the cold winter months causing your skin to dry out and crack? Maybe you are the type of person whose hands and toes are always cold. If you are nodding along with these issues, chances are you would benefit from squalene!

The diversity and broad range of symptoms which can be helped by supplementing with squalene is primarily due to its unique isoprenoid structure. This structure enables it to hold onto and deliver oxygen to energize cells throughout the body and assists in its ability to support mood, help skin retain its moisture as well as improve circulation.

The Eskimo population provides a perfect example of how squalene along with omega-3 fatty acids help fight off the winter blues. In general, omega-3 fatty acids allow photon energy from the sun to be stored in cell membranes. During the summer months, we are able to use the photon energy we receive directly from the sun. However, during the winter months when the sun is not as readily available, we rely on photon stores. Our storage capability depends on the amount of omega-3’s we have in our diet. This fact is proven by the traditional Eskimo diet which was very high in omega-3 oils year round. Only when Eskimos started eating the omega 3-lacking Western diet did problems with winter blues start to arise. In the traditional Eskimo diet the high concentration of omega-3 oils in summer months would store up photon energy of the sun adequately to get them through the winter months.

While the structure of a typical omega-3 fatty acid allows for storage of oxygen and photon energy, it can also leave it exposed, making it more prone to be damaged by oxidation. The isoprenoid structure of squalene stores the energy, but also allows for its stable transport. This unique transport property makes it the ideal nutrient to quickly and safely transport photon energy to the brain to help support brain cell function and prevent the ‘winter blues.’

This ability to transport photon energy throughout the body also helps with circulation. Squalene is one of the best supplements to help a person warm up, especially in the extremities. Anyone whose fingers and toes are always cold or who reacts poorly when exposed to cold conditions will typically notice improvement supplementing with 3 - 6 capsules of Squalene per day.

Squalene is also an excellent skin hydrating nutrient. It is a natural oil produced during cholesterol synthesis which is then widely distributed in human tissues. The majority of squalene produced is found in the skin and in the oils secreted by sebaceous glands. This provides a protective barrier to the skin surface and helps maintain skin moisture by lubricating the skin surface. Therefore, supplementing with a little extra squalene, especially throughout the winter months, can help prevent dry and cracking skin. Additionally, squalene protects the skin from damaging UV rays of the sun by deactivating the free radicals it produces.

Squalene certainly is a unique supplement that can help many individuals manage winter month health issues. Whether it’s the winter blues you struggle with or dry skin and cold extremities, supplementing with squalene can help provide you some relief. Here’s to a happy, healthy winter!