Super Mini-Multi™Children's Multiple Vitamin

Super Mini Multi™ is an advanced children's multivitamin with the highest quality vitamins and minerals for real health benefits. It does NOT contain any additives, sweeteners, colorings, or flavorings. No junk; only the best nutrients for happy, healthy kids!

Coenzyme forms of B-vitamins for maximum absorption and healthy energy production. B vitamins are essential for brain health, focus, and nerves.

Gentle, highly absorbable iron bisglycinate. Iron is needed for healthy growth and brain function. Our special iron is easy on the tummy, doesn't cause nausea or upset stomach, and is optimized for absorption.

Methyl folate for optimum absorption. It is estimated that 25 to 50% of the population does not properly convert folate into the methylated form, which is needed for absorption and use. There is no need to worry about this issue with pre-methylated folate.

Minerals for balanced health. Super Mini Multi is a well-rounded multivitamin including minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron, manganese.

Fruit antioxidant extracts for immunity and eye health. Super Mini Multi includes grape seed extract, bilberry, beta carotene, quercetin, and lycopene.

Wellness Resources has been formulating nutritional supplements for more than 35 years. See how our science-based formulations will make a difference in your family's health!

Super Powered Nutrients for Your Super Hero!

Super Mini Multi is in a league of it's own! It contains the most highly absorbable B vitamins, pre-methylated folate, and other important vitamins and minerals for health and development. Most other kid's multivitamins are filled with low quality vitamins, sweeteners, and colorings. Super Mini Multi contains the most absorbable nutrients in a multivitamin optimized for brain health and growth.* Give your child the most absorbable, highest purity nutrients with Super Mini Multi!

Super Mini-Multi provides superior-quality nutrition designed specifically for children. It includes nutrients that are absolutely essential, and frequently lacking from the diets. It is unsurpassed in quality for a children's multi-vitamin, providing coenzyme B-vitamins, natural carotenes and other nutrients for health. Only the finest quality nutrients used, specifically designed for enhanced cellular uptake and utilization.*

This vitamin follows the same high quality nutrient profile as our adult multi, Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™, with a lower dose. Super Mini-Multi also contains high quality organic iron (Iron glycinate) that is essential for growth. It is designed to be sure that all needed vitamins, carotenes, and bioflavonoids are present in amounts that will fortify our typically lacking diets.*

Super Mini-Multi comes in small easy-to-swallow capsules. It is an easy first vitamin to learn to swallow. Just place the vitamin on a spoon with apple sauce or yogurt and it will go right down. The capsule may also be opened and the powder inside mixed into food or a smoothie.

Why not a gummy or chewable? At Wellness Resources, we're quality and purity fanatics and avoid using any sweeteners, even in our kid's multivitamin. If you make the effort to give your child a multivitamin, be sure you're giving them vitamins and minerals they can actually absorb and use!

Extra minerals are frequently needed, and we recommend using the Coral Calcium powder for this purpose. Minerals simply take up too much space in a capsule, which is why we recommend extra mineral fortification in addition to the Super Mini-Multi™. A quarter tsp. of Coral Calcium, 1-2 Super Mini-Multi™, and 1-2 DHA per day rounds out a basic dietary support program for any child.*

The Iron Quality Difference

Low quality iron has given iron a bad name, even though it is an important nutrient lacking from the diet. In fact, a very large amount of low quality iron can become toxic, which caused the FDA to mandate a disclaimer on all iron to keep out of reach from children to avoid overdose. It is essential that consumers know the difference in quality. The iron bisglycinate we use in Super Mini-Multi™ and Blood Booster™ is non toxic. It is a true protein-iron complex that stays in tact in the GI tract and has far superior absorption. Not only does this deliver iron into the body in a preferred form, it does not cause digestive upset or other problems.*

Low-quality iron forms:

Ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate, and ferrous gluconate are examples of iron salts with poor absorption that "break apart" from their salt in the GI tract producing free iron that generates free radicals and intestinal inflammation. Such iron also feeds unfriendly bacteria and yeast, causing potentially serious health problems. Rest assured that Wellness Resources® would never use these forms of iron in our supplements, holding true to our commitment to your health.*