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We need to strip CDC and Public Health of Powers

Vinay Prasad

Eventually politicians will strip CDC and other public health agencies of their power, and I won't be able to argue with them.

Why? Public health misused and abused its powers with:

  • Closing beaches

  • Pouring sand into outdoor skateboard parks

  • Discouraging people from outdoor activities

  • Lying about the evidence for cloth masks in community settings (to this day)

  • Lying about the evidence for masking outside

  • Not running any randomized control trials of masking in high income nations

  • Pushing masks on 2-year-olds in contrast with world health organization recommendations, evidence, and basic common sense

  • Culling animals

  • Using the police state to enforce lockdown

  • Not letting people hold their father's hand when their father dies

  • Not letting people visit their mother when she's hospitalized

  • Restricting visitor access from parents & siblings to their sick, hospitalized, and dying children

  • Closing schools (but just for poor kids who go to public school, rich kids get to go to school)

  • Making testing companies rich by recommending unproven testing

  • Inventing a 6-ft distance

  • Enforcing stupid distances to make it hard to run school buses

  • Lowering the regulatory bar for vaccines

  • Lying about the myocarditis after the safety signal is found in Israel

  • Never making drug companies test lower doses in young men

  • Doing absolutely nothing to mitigate the risk

  • Lying about natural immunity/ never accepting it

  • Repeatedly lying about it so you can force boosters on people who've already had Covid, despite no evidence, and lacking biological rationale

  • Continuing the emergency state long after it's appropriate

  • Continuing emergency powers when the emergency has passed

  • Vaccine passports

  • Discriminating against people by vaccine status

  • Preventing Novak Djokovic from competing in US Open

  • Preventing Kyrie Irving from playing but he can watch the game

  • Making children wear masks to go to the zoo in California in November 2022 to protect the animals who shouldn't be close to the kids anyway, and they're all outside anyway

  • Firing healthcare workers who got COVID-19 taking care of sick patients, because they didn't want to get a vaccine for the virus they had already had and cleared

  • Firing healthcare workers to the point that no one wants to work in healthcare anymore, and it is hard to staff

  • Discouraging people from getting routine health care

  • Publishing propaganda in MMWR to justify your broken agenda

  • Funding the ecotrust dude after all the issues about where the virus is coming from