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April 17, 2023

Breakthrough Turmeric Extract Optimized for Absorption and Health Benefits

Breakthrough Turmeric Extract Optimized for Absorption and Health Benefits

The rich golden spice of turmeric contains curcumin, one of the most sought-after nutrients for numerous healthy benefits. Turmeric has been used for over 5,000 years in India and has gained immense popularity and more respect in the past few decades. Its use has been met with challenges due to its poor absorption into the bloodstream rendering the search for ways to improve its bioavailability.

After several years of research, nutritional science has achieved a major breakthrough in improving curcumin’s bioavailability. A new, patented, innovative form of turmeric called TurmiPure Gold® is now available in our product line in the supplement Turmeric Gold. TurmiPure Gold® is the world’s most bioavailable and first bioequivalent dose at a low dose of 300 mg. It is the new standard in curcumin supplementation.

TurmiPure Gold’s superior absorbability into the blood has been extensively tested and recently compared in a randomized, cross-over trial with healthy adults. Testing showed that 300 mg of TurmiPure Gold® delivered the same amount of curcuminoids into the bloodstream as did 1,926 mg of 95 percent standardized turmeric with or without the addition of black pepper extract. (Black pepper/ BioPerine is used to enhance absorption.)

Comparison results also showed that one 300 mg serving of TurmiPure Gold® has 24 times higher bioavailability than 95 percent standardized curcumin extract and 22 times more than 95 percent standardized curcumin extract with 1 percent black pepper extract. It also surpassed phospholipid curcumin absorption with 6 times better bioavailability.

TurmericGold® guarantees a very high level of curcuminoids or the polyphenolic pigments of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. TurmiPure Gold® provides superior absorption of total curcumin compounds into the bloodstream with only 300 mg per serving needed to reach the same amount of other higher milligram potencies from other curcumin extracts. This is exciting news and offers great potential for all interested in reaping the benefits of curcumin.

Curcumin Biologically Enhances Cellular Performance

Curcumin is one of the most studied nutrients in science identifying its properties with over 15,000 research articles in the National Library of Medicine with new findings published nearly every day. Researchers have studied it from A-Z (autophagy/cell clean-up to men’s and women’s health issues to zonulin and gastrointestinal health) with impressive potential and results.

Curcumin functions as a powerful antioxidant and biologically enhances cellular performance by modulating signaling pathways that affect cell survival, proliferation, growth, oxidative stress, and inflammatory processes. Here are some recent findings that may pique your interest.

Blood Sugar, Metabolism, Weight Management

Cell, animal, and human studies demonstrate curcumin’s valuable effect on metabolic regulation impacting blood sugar, leptin, insulin, weight management and obesity. Research shows curcumin affects metabolic function by increasing metabolic expenditure and supports healthy gut flora which helps burn calories and hormone metabolism.

It also increases antioxidant activity, benefits intestinal permeability, and modulates healthy inflammatory responses. Curcumin helps modulate various adipokine signaling hormones like leptin and adiponectin. These functions are essential to maintaining healthy body weight and metabolism.

Brain, Cognitive, and Mood

Curcumin may be used to support brain health and neurocognitive function for all ages. It is widely recognized for its role in mood support. Multiple human clinical trials demonstrate that curcumin provides safe, well-tolerated, neuroprotective benefits for mood and cognitive support and healthy neurological aging.

Brain and Mitochondria 

Curcumin research shows that it “has considerable neuro- and mitochondria-protective properties” against free radicals and toxic compounds that distress brain and mitochondrial structure and function. It’s protective actions buffer against NF-kappa B irritation while supporting the antioxidant system Nrf2 in your brain assisting with age-related brain health

Healthy mitochondria function is essential for your brain. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cellular energy and ATP production, neurotransmitters, and neuroimmunoendocrine function. Mitochondria are in every cell and tissue except your red blood cells.

When mitochondria and nerves get stressed, it becomes harder to perform cognitive tasks and daily functions. Mood gets stressed. Sleep and circadian rhythms become out of sync. Mental and even physical vitality declines as your brain and mitochondria age from free radicals and toxins.

Cell Clean-Up/Autophagy and Detoxification

Curcumin is used by cells to aid in cellular clean-up or autophagy. It assists with cell signaling mechanisms that monitor cell activities and growth impacted by daily wear and tear and liver detoxification.

Eye and Retina

Curcumin’s antioxidant protection even supports your eye health. This includes antioxidant support for your lens and retina

Heart and Circulatory System

Curcumin antioxidant activity impacts your heart and circulatory system health. Your heart muscle contains high amounts of mitochondria just like your brain and can be supported with curcumin’s free radical quenching activity.

Immune System and Biofilms

Immune system actions are healthfully modulated with curcumin intake. It affects biofilms and microorganisms that hide behind these walls.

Joint Health and Cartilage

Curcumin provides effective support for cartilage and joint health as it helps restore type II collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, the “backbone” of cartilage. Curcumin provides antioxidant protection by mediating against compounds like PGE2, TNF-alpha, lipopolysaccharides (LPS), interleukins, and MMPs that challenge cartilage cell integrity. A recent study with healthy adults showed improved range of motion and reduced popping, snapping and other sounds of stressed joints with use of curcumin.

Other Helpful Information

Turmeric Gold may be combined with other stellar nutrients like boswelliaresveratrolgrape seed extractfisetin, or pterostilbene for an in-depth synergistic antioxidant support. It may be combined with other supplements like oregano oilquercetinastaxanthin, or olive leaf extract to enhance immune health and vitality.

Turmeric Gold is suitable for young and old as it is safe and well-tolerated. It is suitable for those who follow a plant-based diet. It has a warm, flavorful powder with no fillers or sweeteners. It is great for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules and may be easily mixed into food and beverages.

Turmeric’s support is even more impressive with the breakthrough in its bioavailability. You no longer need a mountain of support to achieve the same benefits, much like downsizing of early computers to current handheld tech devices. Curcumin provides commanding antioxidant support and cellular immunomodulatory actions throughout your body that make it like “gold” in nutritional currency.